capsule design

Capsugel is the global leader in two-piece capsules and encapsulation technology. For more than 100 years, biopharmaceutical companies have relied on the quality, consistency and functional innovations Capsugel has delivered. Today, Capsugel produces more than 200 billion capsules annually for approximately 4,000 customers in over 100 countries. Security of supply is assured through a manufacturing network of ten production facilities worldwide. Learn more about our Capsules.

Ground Breaking Capsule Design

Building on our history of innovation in polymer science and capsule engineering, Capsugel continues to launch ground-breaking capsule designs and equipment technologies that are improving drug development and delivery.   Whether you’re looking to formulate new products or enhance an existing line, Capsugel has the right capsule to help you bring improved products to market faster. With a diverse portfolio including HPMC, liquid filled hard capsules, or specialized clinical capsules, we are a global leader in capsule development and manufacturing, bringing unmatched products and technical support to our worldwide customer base.

Reliable Global Manufacturing Network

Producing 200 billion empty capsules per year requires a reliable, highly efficient and integrated global network of manufacturing sites in the Americas, Europe, India, China, Japan and Indonesia, all performing to the same identical specifications. This level of product and process control provides an assurance of supply to the largest and smallest of biopharmaceutical and consumer health and nutrition companies.

Product Development Support

We supply an array of services supporting our capsule and encapsulation offering that can efficiently and effectively reduce product development timelines. These include:

  • Fast track R&D capsule offering, including a full library of R&D capsule samples and fast-track manufacturing of customized capsules for R&D stability trials.
  • Customized color selection assistance and a global Color Selector tool called Build Your Own Capsule.
  • Documentation immediately available on a customer portal.
  • Proprietary laboratory scale equipment for both powder and liquid formulations.

Application Engineered Capsules

Polymer chemistry expertise combined with capsule design and manufacturing expertise has resulted in a range of functional capsules to meet your formulation and drug delivery needs. 

Coni-Snap® Sigma Series Capsules – Designed and engineered for optimized performance with a unique locking closure and design, these hard gelatin capsules (HGCs) have unparalleled quality and are a product of choice for pharmaceutical and health care companies.

Vcaps® Plus Capsules – The new standard in HPMC capsules in both Sigma Series quality and performance, providing immediate release in-vivo performance bioequivalent to gelatin, and superior capsule disintegration without the risk of cross-linking.  

Vcaps® Enteric Capsules – Enteric protection and/ or delayed release option without the complexity of coatings.

Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI) Capsules – Custom inner surface properties, low moisture levels and strict microbial limits all designed to optimize inhalant performance. Available in gelatin and Vcaps / Vcaps Plus. 

Coni-Snap® Sprinkle Capsules – Designed to be easily opened by patients and caregivers, these capsules are ideal for pediatric and geriatric populations. Available in gelatin and Vcaps Plus. 

DRcaps™ Capsules – Designed to protect acid-sensitive ingredients - originally for the nutritional market. A gamma scintigraphy study showed an average of 52 minutes to first opening. 

Press-Fit® and Xpress-Fit® Gelcaps – Unique enrobing solution for transforming a tablet into an easy-to-swallow capsule. 


Specialized Capsules for Clinical Studies and Research & Development

Moving a compound from the lab all the way through to the pharmacy presents numerous challenges. Capsugel has developed capsules that can streamline operations at key points in the clinical trial process. 

DBcaps® Capsules – A unique locking mechanism provides a cost-effective patient solution for double-blind clinical trials in HPMC or gelatin. 

Coni-Snap® All Color Capsules – Provides your product with fast-track flexibility through capsules that have 18 build-in color options. 

PCcaps® Capsules – Very small capsules designed specifically for oral delivery in pre-clinical studies. 

Encapsulated Products

Capsugel uses liquid-filled hard capsule (LFHC) and soft gel technology as innovative formulation solutions for handling low dose / highly potent APIs, addressing solubility challenges using lipid-based approaches, and delivering combination products.

Liquid Filled Hard Capsules (LFHC) – Liquid and semi-solid filled and sealed capsules available in gelatin, non-GMO Project verified vegetarian, and acid-resistant vegetarian polymers.

Soft Gelatin Capsules – Softgel option for semi-solid and liquid applications with specialized capabilities in low dose, hormones and other challenging applications. 

Capsule-in-Capsule – innovative capsule-in-capsule technology utilizes LFHC for an innovative approach for combination products and multi-phase release.